1. These regulations specify the terms of short-term rental (as counted in the days of accommodation) of fully furnished and equipped apartments in Gródek upon Dunajec 83/23.
  2. Making a reservation means getting familiar with the regulations and their acceptance and it is identical with concluding a contract of rental of the apartment between the Lessor and the Client on terms specified in the regulations and the price list.
  3. Definitions:
    1. Client – a corporate body or an individual using the apartments for short term rental,
    2. Lessor – a person who is the owner of the object of rental or a person authorised by the Lessor,
    3. Apartment – a single apartment with a communal area, located in building No.: 83/23 in Gródek upon Dunajec or the whole building which the Client rents for a temporary stay for recreation purposes,
    4. Communal part – corridors, living room, toilet available for all the tenants, terrace
    5. Check-in/check-out times – time between 14:00 (2p.m.) hrs on one day and 11:00 hrs (11a.m.) on the following day,
    6. An object of rental – one of the three apartments together with the communal area (open-space kitchen with a living room and a roofed terrace) or the entire object (house).
  4. The rental of the apartments is for short-term accommodation and shall not be used for permanent residential purposes of the Clients.
  5. A detailed description of the apartments is presented on the website:


  1. The reservations and payments should be made in accordance with the regulations and terms specified by the Lessor.
  2. The reservation of an apartment via email requires filling in of an reservation form containing the following data:
    • The name and surname of the person placing the reservation,
    • Residence address,
    • ID number,
    • Contact telephone number

    And making a bank transfer of the security deposit amounting to 30% of the value of the charge of the period subject to reservation to the following bank account No.: 85 1140 2004 0000 3502 3502 2507 kept in mBank.

  3. The payment of the security deposit should be made within 48 hours from making the reservation. The failure to make the transfer is equal to a resignation from the contract of rent. After making the reservation and the transfer, the Client shall receive a confirmation of the reservation to their e-mail address or via text message to their contact number stated in the reservation form.
  4. The remaining part of the liability shall be paid by the Client on the date of the commencement of the stay at the latest.
  5. In case of resignation from the rent, the security deposit shall not be returned. In such a case the following solutions are possible upon the consent of the Lessor:
    • A change of the person who made the reservation,
    • A change of the dates of the rental provided that the proposed dates are available.     
  6. If the reservation is made within a period shorter than 5 days prior to the commencement of the visit, the security deposit to be paid to the above bank account should amount 100% of the value of the price for the reserved period. In case of resignation, the security deposit shall not be returned.
  7. The Client shall be responsible for the correctness of the data stated in the reservation form. The Lessor should not be deemed responsible for any incorrect data in the reservation form, including the incorrectness of the dates of arrival and departure.


  1. The amounts of the charges for the rental of given apartments is specified in the price list on the following website: The price includes the VAT tax.
  2. The price does not contain the resort tax, amounting to 2.00 PLN per person for each day. This tax shall be collected on the first day of the stay.
  3. The price contains:
    •  The rental of the furnished apartments with separate bathrooms, an equipped kitchen facility, a furnished living room and a furnished terrace,
    •  Utilities,
    •  Clean bed sheets and towels,
    • Cleaning up during the stay and after the departure,
    • A baby cot, chair and baby bath tub,
    • Protective sheets and an additional set of sheets if a need to use them was notified,
    • Bead sunbeds and angling stools,
    • Access to the beach,
    • Access to the children’s playground.

The price does not contain the air-conditioning of the apartments. It is possible to use the air-conditioning/ air drying facility for an additional charge.


  1. The number of persons larger than the originally reserved occupancy staying in the apartment is strictly forbidden. In the case that the number of people occupying the apartment is exceeded, the Lessor shall be entitled to charge a penalty amounting to 120% of the average price for a person.
  2. The Clients are obliged to respect the quiet night time from 22:00 hrs to 07:00 hrs.
  3. The Clients are obliged to keep the object in the same condition as upon the moment of their arrival, to observe the principles of social co-existence and to respect the quiet night time from 22.00 hrs to 7:00 hrs.
  4. It is forbidden to organise any kinds of parties in the apartment.
  5. A penalty for breaking the quiet night time is 1,000 PLN, and in the case of police intervention, the Client shall pay 1,000 PLN as compensation for other clients and persons staying in the neighbouring buildings .
  6. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments.
  7. In the case of any longer absence in the apartment/ object (exceeding 1 hour), the Client shall be obliged to close all the windows and front doors to the building and also remove the cards from the readers activating the power supply. In the case of improper closure of the doors or leaving the power supply cards causing any damage, the Client shall be deemed liable for all the damage.
  8. The Client shall be obliged to keep the communal part clean, i.e. to clean up the kitchen, living room and the terrace, in accordance with the principles of social coexistence.
  9. The apartment must not be used for any other purposes than temporary accommodation, and in particular, it must not be used for any type of activity, especially incompliant with law. Registration of commercial activity or any other activity related to providing services to customers is forbidden in the apartment.
  10. The Client is obliged to use the apartment and its equipment in the way compliant with their purposes.
  11. The apartment must not be sub-leased or rendered available to any third parties in any form.


  1. The Client has the right to change the dates of accommodation, provided that such a change is made at least 14 days prior to the original date of the reservation. It is possible to change the reservation with regards to the period of accommodation and the number of persons in the apartment. The Client shall inform via e-mail of the intended changes.   
  2. The Lessor reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of the changes in the terms of the contact in the case that the acceptance is not possible for a reasonable cause.   
  3. In the case of withdrawal from the contract of rent on account of the lack of possibility of accepting the intended changes, the Client shall not have the right to the reimbursement of the security deposit.


  1. The change of the dates of a confirmed reservation made by the Lessor is possible in the case of any force majeure which makes the service impossible.    
  2. Force majeure is regarded as any event the effects of which could not be foreseen, sudden technical problems or the occurrence of a situation posing a threat to the Client or the Lessor.
  3. In such a case, the Lessor shall propose alternative dates of the accommodation or shall cancel the reservation returning the security deposit in the amount paid.


  1. The Lessor shall reserve the right to collect the retention deposit in the amount of 300.00 PLN in order to cover the costs of any damage caused by the Client or for the stay of an unauthorised person.   
  2. The retention deposit shall be collected on the first day upon the registration of the Client and shall be returned on the last day after the return of the apartment.
  3. In the case of any damage or a stay of an unauthorised person, the retention deposit shall be used for covering the claims of the Lessor with its remaining part to be returned to the Client.


  1. The check-in shall take place on the arrival date as stated in the reservation, in the specified apartment from 14:00 hrs.
  2. Upon the moment of payment of all the charges related to the accommodation, the Client shall receive 2 entrance cards which are necessary for the activation of the power supply.
  3. The accommodation period may be prolonged upon a prior consent of the Lessor, provided that there are no reservations from other Clients. 
  4. Upon the check-out, by 11:00 o'clock on the last day of accommodation, as stated in the reservation form, the Client shall return all the entrance cards. In the case of a loss of the entrance card, the Client shall be charged 100 PLN.


  1. The Client shall bear all financial liability for all damage that they might cause in the building in which the apartment is located, in the apartment or to the equipment within the apartment.  
  2. The Client is obliged to inform the owner about all the events which might put the owner or any other person at risk of damage and about any damage caused in the in the building in which the apartment is located, in the apartment or to the equipment within the apartment (also by the persons occupying other apartments) as well as about the claims of any their parties related to such. At the same time, the Client undertakes to bear the costs of all damage that they have caused. 
  3. The Client is obliged to pay all the rent for the entire period of rent counted from the date of returning the apartment to its original state, taking into account its reasonable wear and tear.
  4. The Lessor shall have the right to refuse the reservation of an apartment for the Client who, during the previous stay, caused any damage to the apartment or the object.


No animals are allowed in the rented apartment. 


The personal data of the Client stated in the reservation form are stored for the purposes related to the conclusion and execution of the contract of rent and in marketing and promotion purposes in accordance with the Act of 29th July 1997on the protection of personal data (the Journal of Laws of 2002, No.: 101, position 926, with further amendments). The personal data shall remain confidential and shall not be transmitted to any third parties, companies or institutions. The Client, by means of making reservation, gives their consent for placing their data in the database of the Lessor.