This is our magical place on Earth. 

The closeness to the lake, forests and mountains makes this place an ideal venue both for long and short accommodation which can restore your vitality and life energy. 

Gródek upon Dunajec, a picturesque town at Rożnowskie Lake is located a dozen kilometres from Nowy Sącz. This is where you can find peace and quiet, unspoilt wilderness with clean and fresh air. The beautiful sights contribute to the extraordinary beauty of the place.

The lake provides an endless fishing season for anglers. One can catch pike, zander, catfish, grass carp, bream and carp here. The amateurs of all types of summer and winter sports will find whatever they might dream of. The beauty of the place is completed by the visible traces of historic events, the flourish of local settlements and economy based on the presence of the crossing routes leading to all corners of the world.

The tourist complex will comprise an bowling club, snooker, children’s playground, cafeteria, reception desk, and a drink bar.

The fence surrounding the premises and their monitoring guarantee the security of the area allowing for a free enjoyment of all the attractions of the spot.